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Car Finance

Enquire with Lendo'to speak to a car finance specialist today. Lendo has access to industry leading rates and a wide variety of lenders so we can find the finance deal that best suits you. Our consultants are experts at sourcing and delivering the best car loan solutions on the market today.

Our friendly consultants spend their days being prompt and professional with all of their clients. 9/10 of our applications are approved on the same day and that is a record we are very proud of.

We offer finance for ...

Chattel Mortgage

The car loan market and all the different options available can be daunting. Our professional and experienced consultants can discuss the different options available to you, including a Chattel Mortgage.
A Chattel Mortgage is a business facility very similar to a consumer car loan. It is a secured
finance product where the mortgagee takes possession of the goods at the time of settlement with a set of periodic payments to follow.
Through the use of 'bulk buying' Lendo gains

Private Sale Car Loan

One question people commonly have is 'Can I buy a car privately and get a car loan?'. The answer is Yes!

Not all banks and financiers will fund vehicles coming from the private market. Each lender has their own set of criteria for the asset they take security of. In some cases, lenders may try to sell you a personal loan product which would be unsecured and attract higher interest.

The expert finance consultants at Lendo have access to the top industry leaders when it ...

Novated Leasing

A Novated Leasing Agreement is a cost and tax effective way of acquiring your new vehicle. It is a finance agreement between an individual, an employer and a financial institution.

This particular finance option is ideal when you would like to incorporate your vehicle payments into a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer. It is possible to include running and maintenance costs into this product and the payments are 'salary sacrificed' from your pre-tax income.

Through the use of 'bulk buying' Lendo ...

Refinance Car Loan

Have you checked the health of your existing car loan lately? Have one of our friendly consultants give you a quote on refinance car loan your current facility.

When buying from a car dealership, many people use the in-house finance department out of convenience without shopping around for a better deal! Car dealerships generally only have one or two funders on their panel. They cannot shop your application around to multiple lenders and get you the best deal. Lendo has over 20 different funders including all ...

Bad Credit Car Loan

Is it time for a new car? We can help'

If your car is less than showroom fresh, it might be time for an upgrade.

We can assist with your new vehicle purchase even if you have credit issues. Our consultants are experts at getting those tricky bad credit applications over the line.

Benefits of Bad Credit Car Loan

  • Considered A-Rated credit so if you're on time with your repayments you'll start to repair your credit history straight away
  • 0% deposit means ...

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Motorbike Finance

If you are looking for motorbike finance you have come to the right place. Lendo has access to all the major banks and financiers so we can source the lowest rates on the market. Our lenders will finance all major models and types of motorcycle from dirt-bikes to superbikes!

Finance your riding gear! Our specialised lenders have the option of financing riding accessories such as jackets and helmets. This means one repayment and great secured interest rates on all your gear.


Caravan Finance

Searching for your new caravan can be a difficult and daunting process. The same can be said about securing finance for your new motorhome. Lendo's expert consultants have been helping Australians secure Caravan Finance for years and can make the process as easy as possible.

Lendo's wide range of specialist lenders concentrate on a specific segment of the market and can cater a finance package to suit you. We understand that financing your new caravan is different from financing anything else and our friendly ...

Jet Ski Finance

Looking at a shiny new jet ski this summer? Want access to wholesale rates that are the most competitive in the market? Lendo can assist with all types of marine finance, including jet ski finance.

It is important to remember that leisure finance is a little different than a normal car loan. Things like jet skis and boats are seen as more 'risky' in the eyes of the lenders. This is obvious when you consider how these items are used and some of the events that might occur. As a result, the interest rates for ...

Boat Finance

Lendo's extensive panel of Marine lenders have the most competitive boat finance rates in the market. Our consultants can look at your particular situation and find a boat loan option that best suits you. Lendo also offers a wide range of insurance products that can help protect your new dream boat purchase.

It is important to remember that leisure finance is a little different than a normal car loan. Things like jet skis and boats are seen as more 'risky' in the eyes of the lenders. This is obvious when you ...

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Equipment Finance

No matter what type of business equipment you are looking at financing, Lendo's professional consultants will help you find the right Equipment finance product for your situation.

Our expert consultants have been assisting all type of Australian business for years. Whether your business is just starting up or already established we will tailor a loan package that suits you. Our business equipment lenders have flexible terms and different payment options so we can take into account your individual cash flow ...

Truck Finance

The expert consultants at Lendo have been assisting Australians obtain Truck Finance for years.

Our wide range of commercial lenders look at your individual situation and take into account past experience as well as your asset position.

Whether you are a start-up business or an established company we can assist you to find the best deal and get your loan settled quickly.

Some common types of trucks we provide finance for are:

  • Excavators
  • Prime movers
  • Tippers
  • ...

Technology Finance

If you are looking at financing the latest piece of tech for your business our friendly consultants have the experience to get you the best deal.

Obtaining the right piece of tech for your business can be very important. You should base your purchase decision on your technology needs and not of budgetary constraints. If you are looking at financing the latest piece of tech for your business our friendly consultants have the experience to get you the best deal and saving you dollars.

The technology finance ...

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Home Loa

Buying your new home can be a very complex process. Juggling your finance approval and searching for your property can be difficult. Our expert home loan consultants are here to make the time as easy as possible.

Compare a wide range of home loan products from our specialist lender panel to find the best home loan for you. Through the use of 'bulk buying' we can gain access to wholesale home loan rates. This means lower repayments for you and more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Our expert ...

Refinance Home Loan

Have you checked the health of your current home loan or investment mortgage? Have one of our friendly consultants give you a quick, no obligation quote to refinancing your existing mortgage.

The mortgage market is changing all the time. Most people stick with their home loan out of convenience without realising the money they could potentially save. Even a slight difference in interest rates can make a sizeable impact on repayments ...

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be a very daunting process. For most people this will be the biggest purchase of their life. You might not be sure what to look out for or where to start! At Lendo our consultants are here to explain the process to you in a way you will be able to understand and assist you with getting the best deal.

Each home loan lender has their own specific set of requirements. Some for example place more weighting on your employment status, or credit history. Trying to find a home loan without a ...

Bad Credit Home Loan

Have you recently been declined by the banks because of previous credit issues? This is where Lendo can help.

Am I eligible for a bad credit home loan?
Most of the big bank do not like to approve home loan when someone has credit issues. These credit issues could be defaults on the credit file or a bankruptcy. The truth is there are lots of specialist lenders out there that can help. These 2nd tier lenders look beyond your credit file and take into account your ...

Investment Property Mortgage

Buying an investment property is the first step to financial freedom. Our expert consultants are here to guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible. We can assist in finding the best investment property mortgage for you.

The market for investment loan can be very daunting. Construction loan for example have lots of different factors to consider. This sort of loan allows you to draw down your loan balance only as you need it. If you think about building a home, each trade needs to be paid at ...

Home Refinance

The home loan market is changing every month. Have you had your home loan revisited lately? If not, it's time for a free Lendo Home Loan Check-up. Our specialist consultants can look at your current facility as well as your current financial position and determine if you are paying too much!

The RBA revises the reserves banks interest rates every quarter. At the moment we are experiencing some all-time low interest rates. This means that if you locked in your home loan even a couple of years ago, you might be ...

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Vehicle Sourcing

The most fun part of getting a car loan is finding your car! Choosing what car to purchase can be one of life's great joys. It can however be a very daunting process. There are all types of pitfalls that you need to watch out for. Our specialist lenders are experts at negotiating with dealers and getting the right price for their client.

The most obvious factor that affects your car loan repayments is the price of your car! Negotiating with the dealer and getting the best price is going to drastically reduce ...

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Vehicle Warranty

Modern cars are great but they can be very expensive if things go bang! Most modern cars are packed full of computers. Depending on the make of the vehicle, an electrical or mechanical fault can prove to be very costly. A vehicle warranty can greatly reduce any unforeseen expenses you might incur in the future if you're vehicle breaks down.

There are many misconception and stigmas associated with after-market warranty products. As with most consumables, there are both 'good' and 'bad' products available. There ...

Gap Insurance

Short-fall cover or GAP insurance is a very valuable insurance product. This insurance product covers the short-fall between your comprehensive insurance payout and your current loan balance, in the event of a 'write-off'.

One very important fact to be aware of is the price of vehicle generally decrease a lot faster than your loan balance will. This is even more evident when purchasing a new vehicle. This means that if your vehicle is written off then there is most likely going to be a shortfall between what ...

Home Insurance

Most likely your home is going to be the biggest purchase of your life. Your home also contains your most prized possessions. If something went wrong it is very important to have the appropriate cover. The last thing you would want in the event of an accident is to find out that your home insurance company is not going to cover your contents!

When deciding on a policy it is important to give yourself a little wiggle room when setting your sum insured. As a general rule, it is desirable to over insure rather ...

Loan Protection

There are many different levels of Loan Protection Insurance. Some types include:

  • Death and trauma cover
  • Disability cover
  • Involuntary unemployment cover

As with all types of insurance it is important to know exactly what you are covered for and be aware of the features of your policy.

Death and Trauma cover will repay the remaining balance of your loan under certain circumstances. The most obvious circumstance is in the event of your death. The last thing your ...

Car Insurance

At Lendo we offer all types of car insurance from numerous different insurers so we can help you compare and save.

You never know what is around the corner so it is always important to make sure your cover is adequate while also being within your budget. Insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes so it is very important to know what is covered. Our experienced insurance consultants can help find the deal with the right cover for the right price.

One way to reduce your monthly premium is to increase the ...

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