Insurance Questions Answered
  1. In the event of a write off, how can I protect against a short-fall between my insurance payout and loan balance?'This product is called GAP insurance or Motor Equity Insurance. Speak to a Lendo professional today for more info.
  2. Why would there be a shortfall between my insurance payout and loan balance?'Generally, there is a shortfall because cars depreciate quicker than your loan balance.
  3. How much does GAP cover cost?'Gap cover can cost from as little as $4 per month.
  4. Can I purchase a warranty if I am buying privately?'Yes, we have a wide range of warranty providers and can find the right one for your car.
  5. Can I purchase Loan Protection Insurance to cover for loss of job?'Yes, in the event of involuntary unemployment an LPI policy will make 100% of your loan repayments.
  6. Are there a maximum number of claims I can make on a warranty policy?'No, our warranty products cover all major components of the vehicle with unlimited claims allowable.