Privacy Policy

As a licenced credit assistance provider (Australian Credit Licence No. 481046) Sotiriou Lending Pty Ltd (trading as Lendo Finance ABN 47608486648) acts in compliance with relevant legislation, codes and regulations, including the NCCP, Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy principles. Lendo collects information only for the purposes set out in this document and will not deal with your personal information other than in the manner indicated herein and agreed to by you. Your personal information will be handled by us in a manner consistent with, and for the purposes permissible pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988, including any other applicable laws and codes affecting personal information.

We require the information in order to:

  • Assess your personal, commercial credit or guarantor application
  • Source any required insurances

If you do not provide the requested information we may be:

  • Unable to process you, or the company´┐Żs application
  • Limited in the services which we can offer to you or the company

By signing this form you agree that we may:

  • Use your credit information
  • To assess your consumer or commercial credit application
  • To obtain from a credit reporting agency your consumer or commercial credit report
  • Obtain information about your commercial credit worthiness from a registered mercantile agent, and
  • Inform those persons or organisations that you authorise to operate a credit facility, including any organisation which you chose for the purpose of required payments
  • Provide and disclose credit information about you to a guarantor or prospective guarantor
  • Obtain from, and disclose to any third party, including credit providers or parties of interest to this application, personal and credit information about you that is reasonably necessary in order to assess, arrange, provide or administer your consumer or commercial credit application or guarantee or any insurance requirements
  • From time to time, as required or permitted by law, disclose information to government or regulatory bodies.

By signing this declaration, it is further stated that:

  • Where this consent applies to a company or corporate entity, that the person(s) signing are duly authorised to provide these consents on behalf of the corporate application
  • It is understood that Lendo has no control over personal information once it is passed to a third party and therefore cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the use or misuse of that information by that third party, and
  • If the person(s) signing provide information about any other individual in respect to the matters to which this declaration pertains, that the person(s) signing will ensure that those other persons are made aware that their personal information has been provided

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