Boat Finance

Lendo’s extensive panel of Marine lenders have the most competitive boat finance rates in the market. Our consultants can look at your particular situation and find a boat loan option that best suits you. Lendo also offers a wide range of insurance products that can help protect your new dream boat purchase.

Loans from 5.59%

It is important to remember that leisure finance is a little different than a normal car loan. Things like jet skis and boats are seen as more “risky” in the eyes of the lenders. This is obvious when you consider how these items are used and some of the events that might occur. As a result, the interest rates for these types of leisure items can be a little higher. The higher the risk, the higher the rate.

We have a strong Australia wide dealer network that specialises in leisure items. We are able to locate the right boat for you and negotiate with the dealer on price. Our dealership also offer quality warranty products in the event something does go wrong. We can also help with your comprehensive insurance in the event of an unfortunate accident.

We understand the differences between Car Loan and recreation finance and can assist you through the whole process. Our consultants can not only find you the best deal but also help you negotiate with vendors and assist with registration requirements.

Through our wide range of marine lenders, we have access to the lowest rates on the market. Using “bulk buying” we gain access to wholesale interest rates. This means lower repayments for you and more money in your pocket!

Our approval and settlement process is simple and our consultants are enthusiastic to make the process as easy as possible. At Lendo you will speak to the same consultant from the start to the end of your application so your loan is settled faster.

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The Lendo team made everything quick and easy.
They found me the best rate and settled my loan within 24 hours.

- Jay from NSW

I would highly recommend Lendo to my friends.
Very friendly service and explained everything in an
easy to understand way.

- Trish from SA

The Lendo team got my motorbike loan approved within a day.
Very happy with the product and service. Would highly recommend.

- Tom from VIC

Why Choose Lendo?

  • Wholesale rates Access to wholesale rates which means lower repayments and more money in your pocket!
  • Extensive lending panel Wide panel of lenders including all the major banks and financiers
  • Streamline process Our simple approval and settlement process is quick and easy. Access to industry leading products without the headaches.
  • Friendly service Our consultants are easy to deal with and have years of experience. They will work hard to find the best deal for you.
  • Tailored solutions Our consultants will look at your current situation and find a loan that best suits you.

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